For the past two weeks I’ve been driving down the East Coast and through the South with Chris Sawey, a 3,000 mile road trip across 12 states from Boston, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. The trip is my middle ground as I transition into this new chapter of my life. It may look like a vacation where two goofs decided to drive across country and sleep in tents, but it’s more than just a road trip. It’s been a time to step away from the busy city life, to step away from the confusion I once held about my purpose, and to step into the mindset of a servant.

During these two weeks on the road, I’ve meet new people, new places and new cultures. Our time together, although brief, changes me in a small way. I walk away enlightened and encouraged. It shows me that we’re not all so different and the world is a much smaller place than we imagine. In fact, everything from Massachusetts to Texas– the Appalachian mountains, the river gorges, the swamp lands, the deserts, and the night-time stars– screamed “God.” Besides the world being small, it reminded me of how small we are in such a large universe, and how much God loves us. He’s given us so much to enjoy and be in awe about.

As I prepare to tell the stories of how God is working in the hearts of the people of Austin, I wanted to make sure my heart and my mind were right. So I went where I know I can connect with Him best.

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