There is so much that God is doing at the For The City Network, and there’s no doubt that lives are being changed because of the overwhelming want to serve that the men and woman of this nonprofit have.

For example, take our building in the St. John neighborhood – The For the City Center. This previously-abandoned nursing home facility is now a nonprofit center where partnering organizations reside, share meeting space, and join hands in the effort to maximize each other’s work toward city renewal.

Or consider Total City Sports. After FTCN volunteers spent time mentoring and tutoring at an area high school, they recognized that many students had minimal opportunities for positive activities and programming during the summer. Thus, Total City Sports was created. What started as a two-month sports camp now connects Austin-area youth to year-round premiere athletic programming and healthy adult relationships.

And most recently we addressed the lack of employment opportunities, job training, and affordable housing in the Austin-area by creating Unison Development, a nonprofit construction company that hires employees from its job-training program to remodel and construct affordable housing.

I’m just trying to serve God in my role as the storyteller. There are people going through life lost and broken, and I’d like to think that God would use my articles to reach out to those people to tell them they’re not alone, there’s hope. I would really, really love if you joined me on this journey. I’m the first and only storyteller The For The City Network has every had exclusively for themselves, but I can’t begin telling their stories until I reach at least 80% of my support goal. Please consider supporting me, so that God can use me in my time here.

Support is not purely about money. It is about relationships, people with needs, and needs we can help meet.

I want you to rest assured that your money isn’t going to a girl out of college that’s too lazy to get a paying job. It’s going to a girl who cares about people and wants to see them restored by God. Help me share what God is doing in the lives of His people.

I am looking for 10 supporters who can give $100 a month for three months, or 20 supporters who can give $50 a month for three months. It’s a commitment that can lead to large impact. Will you join me?

Romans 15:24-27 „…whenever I journey to Spain, I shall come to you. For I hope to see you on my journey and to be helped on my way there by you…”


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