This week the For The City Network kicked off their week long program called SWITCH.

For The City believes God wants youth to worship Him and seek the restoration of their city, their neighborhood, their school – all the time, wherever they are.

SWITCH was designed to help students SWITCH perspective of God’s mission from simply being a couple dates on a calendar to a lifelong purpose for His glory. In a unique approach, we’re part mission trip, part conference, part camp:


As part of the For the City Network’s vision and strategy, we help youth understand what it means to be for the city wherever they live by declaring and demonstrating the gospel to the city of Austin. We partner with dozens of nonprofit organizations across the city year-round, and during SWITCH, youth serve alongside these organizations, from helping clean up a school to serving a meal at a homeless shelter to teaching Bible stories at a neighborhood event.


It’s so important to understand what the Bible says about mercy and mission because of the gospel. Through large and small group sessions, youth will be equipped to return home and care for the people in their city, their neighborhood, their school – wherever God has them. He cares about these people and places, and He teaches us how to care through His Word.


We have games, skits, worship, and a whole lot of laughs. And maybe some silly string. We know fun.

As the storyteller, my job is to hang out with the young this week and watch how God works in their hearts this week. I will be sharing testimonies from youth, youth leaders and nonprofits alike. So hold on tight– God is about to wreck shop. 


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