CalebPrice Desert&SeaFor singer/songwriter Caleb Price, life is more than the ability to play music or sell albums; it’s about Jesus. The worship leader from Austin, TX released his debut EP, Desert & Sea, last Wednesday featuring four heartfelt songs of praise, redemption and grace. From start to finish, Price’s passion and reverence for the Lord is demonstrated in his vulnerable, declarative lyrics. The EP opens with “We Sing Holy,” which features a catchy group chant praising the Lord’s holiness that gets the listener into the worship experience right away. “We Are Yours” reminds listeners of the greatest sacrifice made and the redemption found in Jesus, while “Great High Priest” praises the Lord for all He is. The EP closes strong with “Nothing,” a prayer-like song surrounded by the aesthetic sound of the keys, guitar and drums, echoing the grandness of the God Price sings to.

“My hope is that when people hear these songs, they will be stirred to worship Jesus for what he has done and to share this great news with the world,” said Price. “We have brought nothing to God and we can offer nothing that he needs, yet he still draws near to us and adopted us as sons and daughters. We can sing and worship because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.”

Price was drawn to music ministry in 2006 as a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University when he began to play the acoustic guitar and piano for his local church’s Spanish worship band. He didn’t take the calling seriously until leading worship for the Student Ministry at the Austin Stone Community Church four years ago. That led to his three year internship/residency with Austin Stone Worship, where he met his EP producer Wes Ardis and engineer Brady Pettit. The title Desert & Sea was inspired by Matthew 4, when Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit into the desert to fast and be tempted.

“We are always coming out of, or going into, a desert at all times in our lives,” Price said. “It’s in the deserts of life that we come into a posture of dependence and cling to Jesus as our only hope.”

Price hopes to record a 6-8 track record of hymns in the near future, but for right now is focusing on being a more faithful follower of Jesus.

“Not only do I have the privilege of pointing people to Jesus by reminding those around me of Gospel truths,” said Price, “but also the opportunity to remind my forgetful heart of who God is and who I am in Christ.”

Desert & Sea is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Visit for more information on Price and his ministry. Photos by Alexis Hail

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