Hi, my name is Jeannie. (Yes, like Jeannie in a bottle.)


I’m a freelance storyteller and copywriter, Emerson College alumna, music enthusiast, adventurer, and follower of Christ. Most importantly, I’m a girl who’s passionate about telling the redemption stories of others and giving a voice to the overlooked and overshadowed. Stories are important. They show us where we’ve come from, what we’ve overcome and what we’re striving for. They are lessons and testimonies to the world, and I strongly believe they should be shared. My goal in life is to live a good story, and use the passions and talents that God has blessed me with to glorify Him and bless others.

How I Got Here

I once read that the ambitions we have become the stories we live. That idea lingered in my mind for a while and I began asking myself, what are my ambitions? What do I hope to accomplish with my life? What does it mean to live a life of purpose, and what kind of story am I living? I walked away with a bitter thought that maybe I wasn’t living a life worth telling about.

As a journalist, I’ve written stories about all kinds of people and places. My favorite were always the stories about hope in the midst of darkness, the ones about everyday people passionate about making a difference, and those whose lives were changed by the quiet heroes around them. These people inspired me to live a great story myself, and I was privileged to share their stories with others in the community.

After I graduated college, I found myself torn between what I wanted to do and what I thought I was supposed to do. I spent several months applying to numerous jobs that my heart was never in. I spent much of my efforts trying to be the girl that graduated college and worked a normal job like everyone else. But what I had in mind for me and what God had for me were two different things. It occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t like everyone else. I wanted a job that combined my skill for storytelling, love of people, and passion for serving, but I wasn’t even sure that existed. That was until I came across a post from the Austin Stone Community Church looking for story team interns.

I moved to Austin, TX in May of 2013 to serve on the Story Team for the Austin Stone. While there, I met the most inspiring people and had the privilege to tell some amazing stories (not amazing because I wrote them, amazing because God did). I’ve also been able to see and be a part of a writing ministry, learning what it looks like to serve as a writer. It was a tough but humbling time in Austin, and I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and still will learn as God molds me into the person He’s made me to be. Currently, I’ve taken what I’ve learned back to my hometown of Miami, FL  to tell the stories of redemption within the “Magic City.”

While I give much value to our small individual stories, I believe we are all part of God’s bigger story, and He has invited us to be apart of it. I want to invite you into mine.

Climb this mountain with me.

Jeannie Cave


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